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Zachary M. Fanberg
Eagan Insurance Agency, Inc.
2629 N. Causeway Blvd.
Metairie, LA  70002
Office: (504) 836-9638
Fax:    (504) 836-3638
Cell:    (504) 214-3675

Eagan Insurance Agency
 handles the insurance for the association. They will provide you with a Certificate of Insurance if you need one for financing or re-financing. Any questions as to specific coverage should be directed to them. The association carries property (common areas only), flood, and general liability insurance.  Remember the association insurance covers the common area and association activities. There is no coverage for damage to your own unit, or any of your personal property or for any of your personal liability. You should also obtain your own insurance to cover such loss.


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Other Links

The Paranormal Lockdown episode about the 2006 Zack and Addie murder that occurred at 826 N. Rampart aired on The Learning Channel.

Louisiana Division
New Orleans Public Library

Pictures from the 1950s of New Orleans, including 906 Esplanade.  Go to the Streets section "E".

906 Esplanade Connection to JFK Assassination

On March 1, 1967, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison arrested businessman Clay Lavergne Shaw on the charge of conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Precisely two years later, Shaw was acquitted. Clay Shaw is the only individual ever prosecuted for conspiracy to assassinate JFK.  This link provides the information from James Kirkwood's, American Grotesque, 1992 ed., pp. 231-45, which discusses our building and the alleged conspiracy to assassinate President John Kennedy.

Savannah First

Come visit the website of our resident artist Susan Arnold know as Savannah First.

Old New Orleans
I'll meet you 'round the bend, my friend...where hearts can heal and souls can mend.

Site by Nancy Brister who says:
  This is a work in progress!  I have so much more to share.  Please visit again and see what other topics, places, stories and photos I've added. 
   I already had a collection of vintage New Orleans postcards and photos online, but, after Katrina, I felt a need to create a series of pages that would enable me to devote more attention to specific places, customs and groups of people, with the emphasis still on old photographs and illustrations, but with some history and story-telling added.  In this way, I can provide a more complete picture of each...and, ultimately, a more complete picture of my historic, unique and wonderful hometown, the grand old lady by the river...New Orleans. 
   She has given me so much.  This is my gift to her.   

Community Links

French Quarter Citizens, Inc.

This organization was formed in 1994 to activate interest in the residential nature of the upper French Quarter and focus on quality of life issues in the Vieux Carre.
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632 North Rampart Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Office: 504-523-2332
Fax: 504-523-2336

French Quarter Festivals, Inc.

The organization sponsers Quarterfest in April with local Jazz artists playing throughout the French Quarter.  It's free.

Preservation Resource Center 

Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents & Associations, Inc.

A pioneer organization in the historic preservation movement. Organized in the 1920s, the society was incorporated as a non-profit corporation June 8, 1938. Dedicated in its State charter to the preservation, restoration, beautification and general betterment of the Vieux Carre, it has been continuously active in these pursuits for over 75 years.
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Post Office Box 56095
New Orleans, LA 70156

816 N. Rampart Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Phone: 504-581-7200
Fax: 504-581-7201

Patio Planters


Group active in maintaining the unique patios and courtyards in the Quarter and city. They have patio parties and conduct tours during certain times of year.

For membership information write:
PO Box 72074, New Orleans, LA 70172


WWOZ - 90.7 FM   Community jazz radio.